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UK Exploring New Translational Infrastructure – TICs

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

A new network of UK tech transfer centers based on industry segment hubs has been proposed and given the green light by government officials.

The proposed network of elite national technology and innovation centers (TICs) is “aimed at bridging the gap between academic research and technology commercialization by providing what is described as ‘translational infrastructure.’”

The network of TICs, based on recommendations from Cambridge venture capitalist, Dr Hermann Hauser, is summarized in his report, “The Current and Future Role of Technology and Innovation Centers in the UK” [Businessweekly; more]

Dr. Hauser’s Report [pdf]
UK Dept. For Business Innovation & Skills [website]

IEEE Spectrum’s 2010 Patent Power Rankings Published

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The Patent Power scorecard ranks companies, universities, and research institutions by their US patent portfolio. In summary,

“Japanese companies rise to the top of IEEE Spectrum’s Patent Power rankings thanks to shrinking U.S. innovation pipelines.”

” Based on data from 2009, out of the 323 leading organizations in the scorecards, 65 (20 percent) are Japanese. This percentage is markedly higher than in the 2007 scorecards, in which 45 out of 319 companies (14 percent) were Japanese.”

And, an interesting side-note on the university scorecard:

For 2009, the top five universities are: Texas, California, Central Florida, Iowa State, and Washington… Quite a shift from 2007 when the top 5 were, MIT, CalTech, Harvard, California, and Rice.

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