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To Stay On Top, The U.S. Must Invest In Research Universities

Everywhere you look around the world we see investments in the future which recognize what the 21st Century will look like. Isn’t it about time we did the same?

From Forbes, by Craig Barrett:

“The road to economic success has been pretty bumpy so far this century. Over-speculation in real estate, excessive government spending, unfunded and unaffordable pensions, the collapse of financial institutions, and the worldwide competition for jobs have all exacted their toll. As individuals, companies and countries search for something magical to promote a competitive future, there is strong evidence that the ultimate wealth-creating machine is something created here in America and increasingly being noticed and copied by the rest of the world.

That something is the American research university, where a unique blend of the best and brightest students from around the world, top quality professors with aggressive research programs, and a close association with private industry has combined to spin off entrepreneurs with bright ideas for the next generation products, services, and new companies. Look no farther than Stanford and UC Berkeley as the catalysts for Silicon Valley, or MIT as the parent for thousands of start-up companies along Route 128 in Massachusetts. Sure, other countries have their prestigious universities, but none matches ours when it comes down to spinning off smart people with smart ideas and the resultant wealth creation.

Have others noticed this phenomenon? Certainly the answer is yes…”


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