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SRI – Silicon Valley’s Real Old School Incubator

The 2,400-employee organization celebrates its 65th birthday this year.

An interesting perspective on SRI from Gigaom.com:

“These days, it seems like there’s a new incubator for just about every pair of 19-year-olds working on a mobile-payment startup.

But long before there was a Y Combinator or a 500 Startups, there was SRI International: the old school, non-profit research and development organization that’s had a hand in the creation of everything from Disneyland to the Internet. Started by Stanford University in 1946 as a way to drum up enterprise in the sleepy Bay Area, SRI is best known for churning out a smorgasbord of inventions like Technicolor (for which it won an Academy Award in 1959), to the first computer mouse, created there in 1968.” [read full article]

Stanford Research Institute [web]
About SRI Ventures [web]
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. [web]
Nuance Communications, Inc. [web]
Orchid Cellmark, Inc. [web]

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