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Dept. of Commerce Announces New Website to Accelerate Regional Innovation

The Virtual Network Connects Venture Development Organizations and Fosters Collaboration to Promote Business Development and Job Creation

The Regional Innovation Acceleration Network (RAIN) was unveiled recently at the U.S. Economic Development Administration Southwest Region Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Albuquerque, NM.

“RAIN builds on President Obama’s national innovation agenda by bringing Venture Development Organizations within America’s regions together to help increase business development and competitiveness,” said John Fernandez, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. “Across the nation, these organizations are helping to grow local economies and create jobs, and this new network will enhance their impact and efficiency.”

The RAIN website offers an interactive map designed to help economic development practitioners identify their regional innovation colleagues, where they operate, and connect with them. To facilitate the growth of existing innovation networks, the website provides technical assistance; and for those regions where networks have yet to develop, it provides the means for peer-to-peer sharing of information between existing and emerging VDOs.

Read Full Announcement [web]
Regional Innovation Acceleration Network [web]
BenFranklin TechVentures [web]
State Science & Technology Institute [web]

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