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Connecticut Announces New Tech Business Incubation Initiative

“We are putting a major emphasis on speeding the start-up and commercialization of innovative technology-based companies.” -Governor M. Jodi Rell

A new state initiative to spur the development of high-tech start-ups, foster additional economic development and stimulate job creation is expanding to a third location: the University of Connecticut Health Center campus in Farmington.

The UConn Health Center incubator will focus on attracting participants from several key industry sectors – bioscience, medical devices and bio materials – as well as other science-, technology-, engineering- and math-based ventures.

Funding will be provided by Connecticut Innovations (CI) and in certain instances will need to be matched by the companies or other co-investors. CI has made an initial commitment of $100,000 to this initiative through its Pre-Seed Support Services Program.

During the incubator’s first year, funding priority will be given to UConn faculty or student ventures. However, the incubator is also interested in supporting businesses that collaborate with UConn or are of joint interest to UConn and CI.

Full Press Release [more]
About UConn Health Center Incubator [website]
UConn Technology Incubation Program [website]
Connecticut Innovations [website]

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