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University Incubator Weekly ‘Roundup – UC Berkeley; UC Irvine; Colorado State

In this week’s posting, we have incubator news from UC Berkeley; UC Irvine; and Colorado State University.

:::Biosciences Incubator Opens at Colorado State University

“The 72,000-square-foot, $53 million Research Innovation Center is a hybrid of business office space, university research offices and state-of-the-art bioscience laboratories, conceptualized to build university partnerships with CSU startups and existing businesses. The facility will house efforts to develop, perfect, test and market test vaccines and treatments for a variety of diseases including cancer and those that infect and kill millions of people and animals around the world each year, such as West Nile virus, drug-resistant tuberculosis, yellow fever, dengue fever, hantavirus, plague and tularemia.

A significant part of the building will serve as a biosciences incubator, fostering startup companies that will help translate university research into new products that address unmet biomedical needs. The facility will be built to standards that allow scientists to produce products for human clinical studies, and partnerships with the medial industry, government agencies and other non-profits will be made through connections with MicroRx, a non-profit CSU enterprise. MicroRx, part of the university’s Supercluster strategy, works to move infectious disease fighting products to market as quickly as possible.”

CSU Press Release [ read more ]
Research Innovation Center [ website ]


:::University of California, Irvine (UCI) Launches High-tech Business Incubator

” UC Irvine is launching a new technology business incubator to support the commercialization of inventions developed at the institution and to speed up the transfer of academic research into the local and national market.

“TechPortal will open this month at the local campus’s California Institute for Telecommunications & Information Technology – aka Calit2 – and will provide affordable space, technical support, and mentoring and networking opportunities to fledgling firms formed through research conducted at UCI. [ ocmetro, read more ]

TechPortal Incubator supports up to 8 companies [ TechPortal website ]
TechPortal Press Release [ read more ]


:::Biotech Incubator at UC Berkeley is Open for Business; Garage@Berkeley Announces First Tenant, Aperys, LLC

“The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) at the University of California, Berkeley, will open a new biotech incubator on Thursday, May 6, hoping to duplicate the success of the “QB3 Garage@UCSF,” which has helped birth more than 28 biotech startups since 2006.

“‘We hope that this business incubator will jumpstart new companies with origins in UC research labs,” said Susan Marqusee, director of QB3’s UC Berkeley branch and a professor of molecular and cell biology. “These are almost pre-start-ups that would find it hard to lease the small amount of space they need. Instead, they can rent a small amount of bench space from the QB3 Garage@Berkeley, benefit from our core research facilities and world-class scientists and engineers, and get themselves ready to move to the next level. It’s our hope that this innovative approach will help ensure that discoveries made by QB3 and UC Berkeley researchers will achieve their potential.’

“Recent UC Berkeley Ph.D. graduate Wesley Chang is the QB3 Garage@Berkeley’s first tenant, occupying one-eighth of an 800-square-foot windowless basement room in the campus’s Stanley Hall, and saving a lot on the costs of getting his new company, Aperys, LLC, off the ground.”

Garage@Berkeley Press Release [ read more ]
Garage@Berkeley [ website ]
Aperys LLC [ website ]

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