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Ten Technology Incubators Impacting the World

CB Insights and Forbes, Inc. teamed up recently to assemble a list of leading incubators changing the world by “incubating” tomorrow’s high-tech companies.

In the last few decades 300 [incubators] have sprung up in the US, many attached to universities. Incubators now host about 6,000 companies and provide a panoply of services, from expensive lab equipment to accounting and secretarial support.

And, the regional economic impact of incubators is potentially substantial,

Communities that house incubators prosper as well. A University of Michigan study showed that 84% of successful incubator (company) graduates stay nearby…

Incubators profiled in the Forbes article include: Y Combinator [website], Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives [website], Houston Technology Center [website], Palo Alto Research Center [website], The Technology Innovation Center [website], The IceHouse [website], The Research Park at the U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [website], The Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech U. [website], and University Research Park / MGE Innovation Center at the U. of Wisconsin [website].

Forbes article, [read more]
Ten Incubator profiles [slideshow]

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