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Innovation and Investors Will Converge at U.Va. for Second Annual Venture Summit

The University of Virginia, which last year hosted a summit that brought together venture capitalists representing nearly $20 billion in active capital funds, will hold its Second Annual Venture Summit on March 25 and 26.

Among the guests will be Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., a former governor, entrepreneur and investor; and U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Charlottesville.

A panel of prominent venture capitalists will offer a “window on the future” of technology investing. J. Stephan Dolezalek of VantagePoint Venture Partners will lead the panel in discussing the innovation expected to produce significant economic and social gains in the clean tech, biotechnology and information technology industries.

Panelists also include leading venture capitalists A.G.W. “Jack” Biddle III of Novak Biddle Venture Partners, J. Sanford “Sandy” Miller of Institutional Venture Partners and Robert Paull of Lux Capital, as well as Frank Levinson, experienced entrepreneur and founder of Small World Group. A founding partner in the U.Va. Venture Summit, Chuck Newhall of New Enterprise Associates, who is regarded as one of the visionary creators of the U.S. venture capital industry, will also participate in the summit. [more]

UVa Venture Summit [website]
UVa Startups [website]

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